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I have lived in the same house for several years and in recent years, two sisters were in the houses opposite moves, each with their partners. Recently, a division of the sisters, Jan, with his longtime partner, having played out, and she stayed home alone. After a Saturday night in the room, I was on my way home, and passed the bus stop when the last bus of the night was falling passenger. One of them was Jan - and when we went in the same way, I thought I would see back home, the gentleman who I am. Because it is a fair walk from the bus stop to Jan in her house, she invited me for coffee. Little did I know that is not only refreshing the menu of the night... in the room, we started talking and the conversation came to Jan- partner, Pete, 'and he's gone, gone on the walls -..... I'm so frustrated. ' She went into the tank to pick up again, as we said our first cup, and both were prepared for a second. What happened next changed the night. ' I'm out of milk - cream is in order?' He asked. 'No problem,' he shouted. When he returned, he spoke again. ' I think it's something that might need some cream.. '. When I looked up I saw that John was completely naked - her perfect breasts and shaved pussy take the bulb. She started walking to my.... 'Since Pete is gone, I've always wanted a man who refill me to stretch my pussy, so I cry aloud to The Living Daylights shit out of extravid me... ' I could feel my cock hardening as I started rubbing through my pants.... Let me know what you did, Rob - fill me full of his cock. Please, fuck me, Rob, hard fuck me, fuck me good. 'His hands extravid I opened the button and the zipper pulled down my extravid pants and underwear, at the same time for my cock to spring, as it was very hard I pulled my T shirt, and at times we kissed each other our languages -. together, our hands are moved in each ottheir bodies. I took the time to get my fingers on her fantastic tits track, cupping the breast in his hand, then the other. As we moved toward the couch, my mouth extravid fell to the path I had begun my lane, planting butterfly kisses on his neck, licking her breasts and suck her nipples, all the time of extravid care. As she reclined on the couch, my attention turned to her belly, then down, as my tongue and lips, followed a path to a kitten begin to moisten and shine in extravid the wet. When I moved her legs as I thought it was heaven. A perfect pussy eating and effort to fill a queue for further action. I started licking the outer lips, then inside, running my tongue up and down the slit, which fall musky flavor of his precum around my tongue, and tease her clit. As they became damp and moist moans grew louder as I worked my tongue on her clitoris with precision, then work with one finger, then another in the movIng in and out, in and out, building steadily. Changing positions, he put me on the couch when we moved to 69, so I will continue my efforts in her pussy perfect as his tongue moved over the head of my penis tease him before he gave me deep into the the mouth. Our bodies moved in unison as she sucked hungrily on my cock as my fingers its magic, increasingly soaked in milk, and it was not long before she was crying.. ' Rob... I do not do it to extravid me.... I need it so bad.. ' You, my body moved beneath my cock in her hand as she spoke to me in Cowgirl. Within seconds it was up and down moves me, his right hand rubbing her clit while she stuffed full of fat. I took a look at ourselves extravid in a mirror - two bodies moving as one, so the raw passion to take over each others heads and hearts... After a while we moved on all fours - a favorite of both us and - as I was allowed to fuck really hard and well, while hwith the actions of my cock and my fingers. Feeling my balls against her ass whipped moan was as hot as I pulled the right to strike again. Finally landed in the classic missionary - both forget the outside world as we went extravid together - together getting stronger, faster, closer to our main... I could hear and feel in January reached its peak. 'Oh God, it's so good... oh yes, fuck me... oh God... oh oh... Oh.. Oh Yeah Rob, Rob ! Oh God, yes! '.. her body tensed at the sound extravid of, and cheered the hell flips. He hit me harder, harder, harder... for inspiring orgasm hit me and I flooded her pussy with his cum... A As we moved together, passed the body, but deep in post -coital embrace, we realized what we are doing.. 2 neighbors, without any conditions, both in search of fun without commitment... Why not ? Both me and realized that Jan is a good thing - and now meet regularly for the most amazing sex I've seen so much. I've seen in a Pete nUmbra times since the first time, and he does not know a thing to catch your wife better than he, and loves to fuck. Apparently, since it came out, his new girlfriend has left him very little in the vicinity of the bedrooms. o poor bastard !
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